Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shop 'Til you Drop and A little Tipsy

I'm home from California, and I have to say, I had a great time. Anyway, I arrived Friday and my friend, Efrain, picked me up. We spent the day in San Francisco. HE took me to the Golden Gate Bridge, and then we drove around some areas of the city I'd never seen before. We even drove through the Castro district, which is where most of the gay population of San Francisco congregates. That was interesting, to say the least.

On Saturday, I went back to San Francisco, this time with my friend, Noelle. We did a lot of shopping and spent way too much money, but hey, it was fun! Get this! We were waiting for the cable car to ride to Fisherman's Wharf. Well, three of the cars had already passed us because they were full of tourists (which I don't consider myself anymore since I've been out there so many times). So, we're waiting and this limo pulls up and says he'll give us a ride for the same price! So, we hopped in the limo and rode in style to the wharf!

After shopping along Pier 39, we got a taxi to China town, where I shopped some more. I bought the cutest tea pot
set for 10 bucks! After we left China Town, we went to the San Francisco center and got some Hagin Daz ice cream (my favorite) and shopped a little more before heading home...We spent about 7 hours in the city total.

After the day in the city, we came back to Noelle's house and we, along with her friend, Flor, got in the hot tub and relaxed!

Now, Sunday was the highlight of my trip. And all of you conservative Christians out there may be a bit surprised, but I don't feel the least bit guilty about this trip. I have prayed about drinking alcohol, and I think it's okay as long as you don't go too far. That's my opinion. If you have a different one, then keep it to yourself.

I spent the day in Napa Valley, which is wine country. We started the day at a restaurant called Brix, where we ate brunch. They served me a Mimosa to drink, which is a mixture of orange juice and champagne. I really enjoyed it, to my surprise! And the food was absolutely fantastic!!!

We left Brix, and went to the Chandon winery, where I had a glass of was so good, but it was more than a normal was more like two glasses! We walked around there for a while. IT was so beautiful! I didn't do a wine tasting at this winery because they didn't have anything sweet, and I only like sweet wines. We left there and went to a winery called Milat. This was my favority one, because it was small and personable. The owner is actually who served us the wine. I did a wine tasting here, and Noelle and her husband bought some wine. Then we left and went to the Berringer winery. Berringer is one of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley, so we did a tour of this one. That was so interesting. And the tour ended with, you guessed it, another wine tasting. So, as you can imagine, by the end of the day I was feeling a little funny. I wasn't drunk, by no means, but I was a little buzzed. Give me a break, okay! I was in Napa Valley! I don't usually drink more than one drink in any given day, so this was a little out of the ordinary, but it was fun!

So, that was my trip. I came back to South Carolina Monday. Now, I am looking forward to my trip home to Alabama next month...but sooner than that, I will be going to see "Rent" this weekend. Fun!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The San Francisco Treat

Happy autumn to me! I get to travel to San Francisco tomorrow! I am so excited. I haven't been out there in several years. My dad lived there for 10 years, and I used to spend summers and Christmases there. So, I'm having San Francisco withdrawals! My friend Efrain will be picking me up from the airport, and then I will be staying with my friend, Noelle...both of which I haven't seen in years! I will be smelling the foggy air (the fog rolls in every night) and munching on rice a roni (not really...but i do plan to take a ride on the rice a roni mobile...aka the cable car).

I had a really bad migraine Tuesday that knocked me on my butt for more than 12 hours! I have never had one that bad! And what made matters worse was the prescription migraine medicine I was taking wasn't working. So, I had to call into work. I was able to come in, but not until 1:00, so I was not a producer that day. I just wrote for the show, while the usual writer produced. I called my doctor and she gave me a new medicine, so we'll see if it works. Gosh, I hate migraines! I feel like I'm getting another one right now, but I've taken the new medicine. I'm just waiting on it to work.

I have failed to tell all you bloggers, and i'm sorry! My friend, Jennifer, had her baby...a girl they named Kathryn. SHe is so beautiful. Her husband sent me pictures of the baby and I can't wait to meet her!

Well, I need to go pack for my trip. Please pray that all will go well with the planes and I will depart and arrive on time! I'll tell you all about the trip when I return.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

You won't believe it, but I've had to wear sweaters to work the last two days. The weather has really cooled off just in the last few days! I love the weather right now, I just hope this doesn't mean it's going to be freezing all winter long. I know it gets much colder in South Carolina than it does in Alabama, but they say it doesn't snow here very often. Who knows? A little snow might be fun!

Today is Friday, and that means no work for two whole days! I live for the weekends. Tonight, a group of girls from work and I are going to a ladies' poker night. I've never played poker, so I'm looking forward to learning. Don't worry...there's no money involved (thank goodness!)

Saturday, I am going shopping for some jeans (pray that I find some!)...and then I'm going to head to downtown Greenville for Art in the Park.

My church is starting a 20 somethings drama team, so I think I'm going to go to their first practice on Sunday afternoon...I will be tired going into work Sunday night, but I really want to get involved at church and since I love drama, it sounds like a good fit. So, I will forego a little sleep to do that.

Next weekend, I am heading to San Francisco! I am so excited! I just know it's going to be a good trip.

I am helping plan my class reunion, and our invitations went out this week! That really takes a load off. The hard part was getting all the details together and getting everyone's address. Now, all we have to do is put together all the plans. GHS class of 1997, check out our blog at . That will give you all the information and a list of folks we still don't have addresses for.

Well, until next time!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been so busy...and I'm loving it! My 10-Year Class reunion is about a month and a half from now...and I am helping with that...we are getting the invitations out at the beginning of next week. I made the invitations in newsletter format, and they look so good. I was quite impressed with myself. There's three of us planning this of the girls is in Huntsville, and the other is in Gordo, so we are quite spread out, but it's coming together nicely!

In two weeks I will be in San Francisco! I am so excited! I am going to visit some friends. My friend, Efrain, is going to pick me up from the airport, and then we are going to spend the day together in the city..then he is going to drive me out to the suburbs where my friend, Noelle, lives. That's where I will stay for the weekend. I am so excited!

Work is going well. Still having some problems with one person...but it seems everyone is having problems with the same person, and management is starting to notice. I'm just glad to know it's not just me!

Well, I have to go be domestic! I need to clean my apartment and do laundry. I hate doing laundry. I wish I had a maid!