Thursday, June 29, 2006

Vacation from my Vacation Needed

I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! I am so tired! My family from Saturday through Tuesday and we went non-stop the whole time...

Saturday morning, I went to my company picnic. We had lots of fun playing our own version of the olympics...and I even one two silver medals (well, they're plastic, but you get the idea). I had my parents call me when they got close so I could get home from the picnic in time for them to arrive.

Saturday evening, we went downtown Greenville. I showed them around a bit down there, and we ate dinner there.

Once we got back, it was time to get in bed because we had an early morning on Sunday. My step-dad and I went white-water rafting. It was so much fun! But it really wore me out!

When we got back, we went to the museum of art for a little while...
Sunday night, I took them to P.F.Changs to eat (my treat). It was really good. I've never really liked chinese food before, but it's different there.

Then on Monday, we got up early and headed to the Biltmore Estate. If you've never been, then you're missing it! It is the most beautiful house I've ever seen...I got a season pass since I liked it so much!

We slept in on Tuesday...but I still feel like I didn't sleep. And I slept all day yesterday. I am hoping after this weekend I can feel rested.

I hated to have to go back to work. It was nice not to have to sleep during the day and stay up all night for the few days I was off. I do like my job, I just wish I had normal hours.

I think I may go see "The Devil Wears Prada" tomorrow at the movie theater. I'll let you know what I think! Several of my co-workers went and saw "Superman Returns" yesterday. They said it was really good. I couldn't go because I was sleeping.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Exhausted...but Good

I am so tired this week. It's hard for me to keep going. But I have to. I keep going knowing after friday, I will have four days before I have to be back at work. I am so glad for the vacation. I want so badly to go climb in bed right now...but I'm going to wait a little while longer. I have to take a friend of mine's dog out to potty before I go to bed, so I am trying to wait a while before I do the dog won't get a need to go before I go to work tonight.

I went to the pet store today and bought Casey a toy that you put treats inside and it's like a puzzle...he has to figure out how to get them out. He's been playing with that thing non stop for the last hour. I think he likes it...what do you think?

I got a surprise email last night. It was from a friend of mine from high school that I haven't seen since then. So, Erin, if you're reading this, I am so glad you contacted me! It is so much fun to talk to old high school friends still remain the dearest to my heart...even though I've met so many people since then.

My parents will be here Saturday...and while I am so excited they are coming, I know I'm going to have to get some energy before they get here, because I imagine we'll be going non-stop through Tuesday.

Work has been good this week. We got some high ratings Tuesday...the highest we've had it's good to know the numbers are going up!

Salsa lessons are going great. I got to dance with the instructor a bit last Monday, and he said I am doing really well. I have learned I have a natural talent for it. I am picking it up really easy.

Can ou believe I've almost been in South Carolina for four months? I feel like I just got here! Wow! How time flies when you're having fun!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Every Week has a Weekend...Thank God!

It's that time of the week again. Time for me to actually sleep when it's dark outside. To spend my days without any go shopping, go swimming, do whatever I want to do without having a schedule. I love the weekend. I live for the weekend. This weekend, I started it by going to Goody's to go shopping. Man, I love the fact that I am losing inches off my body! I went and bought a skirt, a pair of shorts, and two shirts...and then because I spent more that $50, I got a hammock for 10 bucks! So, I am going to hang it on my balcony for a wonderful place to relax. My apartment is completely shaded, so it will be great for a hammock.

After shopping, I went to the movies and saw "The Lake House". That's the new movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reaves. It was a great movie. Ladies, if you like the sappy romance stories, you will like this movie. And there is a cool ending. I loved it!

Last night, I went to the singles bible study at my church. There were probably 50 singles there, and the singles pastor says there's usually a whole lot more than that! So, it was nice getting out and meeting some folks.

Now, I do want to address the definition of a blog. I think some people are having a hard time grasping what a blog actually is. A blog is a place where a person can say whatever they want. A place that can be an outlet for them. Now, the great thing about a blog is that it is like a tv. You can change the channel if you don't like what is said. With that said, I will continue to say whatever is on my mind. And if you don't like it, you don't have to stay. Please don't stay. Because this is MY blog. and no one is going to tell me what is right and what is wrong.

Moving on...
I am so happy I have a four day weekend coming up next weekend. I need it terribly. I had a rough day at work yesterday...I won't bore you with the details...but it's still just one person. I don't have a problem with anyone else in the entire building. Everyone treats me with respect, which is nice, and I even have several friends in the newsroom. One of our anchors and I are going to eat at PF Chang's on Tuesday. I love that restaurant and it just opened here. So, things are great. I can't really complain. If I could get this one guy onboard, then I wouldn't have any complaints at all. But then I would live in a utopian society, and I don't think God has that in mind for anyone. He wants us to be challenged...and our lives will never be perfect. But I still say one out of an entire workplace isn't bad.

I went to Salsa Dance lessons last monday night. They were so much fun! I did, however, find out how much I was out of my comfort zone. With Salsa, you have to dance closely with your partner. I am not used to being that "close" to a guy, expecially one I just met, so it was pretty uncomfortable. But by the end of the evening, I was having a blast! I am going to go back this Monday night.

Now, after Salsa, I was getting ready to go to work. I ate...sat down and watched a little bit of tv, and then it hit me! I got a migraine, would you believe! I hate migraines. They put me out of commission for several hours. I can't sit up...I can't concentrate...and all the lights in the house have to be off because light hurts too much. So, unfortunately, I had to call into work only one hour and 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there. That sucked...and I knew it, but what was I supposed to do? There was no way I could stare at a computer screen with a migraine, much less get a show on the air. So, my boss had to come in and work for me on very little sleep. I have decided I am going to get a doctors appointment and see if he can give me a prescription for some migraine medicine. I am tired of getting so sick with those!

Well, it's Saturday, and I have a lot of nothing to do today (don't you love it?). I may not post next week because my parents are coming into town and on Saturday morning, next week, I am going to our company picnic...before my parents get here. So, it's going to be busy, but lots of fun!
So, I am going to end now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Monday

It's MOnday, but it wasn't a bad day...just hectic...We have this computer system at work that runs the entire show...and it decided to act up today. But we handled it and came off fine...

It's so hot here...The last few days it's been in the 90s...which is really hot for SC. I spent two hours at the pool Saturday...and it was almost too hot to stay out there. I really hope it cools down soon.

I just got in touch with an old friend from High School. It's so much fun when you re-connect with friends! I hadn't seen her since junior year...

I don't really have a lot to say today. I'm about to go to bed because there are Salsa Dance lessons at church tonight and I want to go to that...Sounds like fun!

I am about to make reservations for white water rafting. My step-dad and I are going to go when he and my mom and grandmother come to see me in two weeks. I can't wait until they get here. They are staying for four days...and I am taking that MOnday and Tuesday off. It will be a nice long weekend and I am excited my family is coming. We are also going to go to the Biltmore mansion. I can't wait to see that!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's Paying Off!

Working out and splurging on a trainer is all starting to pay off! I went to the mall this week and decided to try on some clothes and guess what! I fit into a smaller two different styles of pants! So, I bought one of them! I haven't been able to fit into this size since I was a freshman in college, so I am very happy today! My goal is to be back down to the weight I was when I graduated from high school by October. In October, I will be going back home for my high school class reunion. I got weighed and measured at the gym Friday. It was another month...I did lose some, but not near as much as came off last month. The first month of working out, I lost 12 inches (see prior post), but this time I only lost 2 inches and two pounds. At least I did losee some. I just have to keep at it. The problem is eating...I don't eat like I should. I like food too much!

Now, Tuesday, many called an evil day. It was 6/6/06. I was aware of the date, but it's only a number. I didn't believe it was the apocalypse or anything...just another day. And if the Lord did choose that day to be the end of the world, it wouldn't have bothered me any. See, I am ready to go Home. Home being Heaven. God has done so much for me, I do long for the day when I will get to see Him face to face. So, on that day, I went to work as I always do. When I got to work that night (at 11:00), we had the biggest breaking news in a very long time. It happened just a few minutes after my shift started...Authorities caught the guy they suspect killed a local college student here. I love breaking's so much fun. I immediately started thinking ahead for the morning...We sent a reporter to Tennessee where the guy was caught...I started ordering graphics...and discussing with my bosses what I would like to see happen for the morning. And we did it! We slaughtered the competition! It was so much fun! This is why I got into news. You get a high better than any drug when breaking news happens in the newsroom. So, our show was a huge success...and our ratings proved it. We surpassed all ratings we have gotten up until this point. The next day, my news director sent me an email and copied it to our HR lady. She said I really impressed her. She said I really did a good job. And then the HR lady sent me a note back saying the email was going into my personal file. That is awesome! In the mornings, there is rarely an opportunity to impress the bosses, or to let your true colors shine...but these rare opportunities are what's going to eventually get me off of this god-aweful shift.

I"m still having problems with that anchor. It's like no matter how much I prove myself, nothing is ever good enough. Thursday was a horrible day. The whole morning I felt tears coming on, but I didn't shed any of them. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. So, I just came home and went to bed. I was so exhaused from the day before that having to deal with all of that didn't help...and this time it was more than just him. I'm not going to go into what happened. But I still feel, after thinking about it, that I was right.

My family is coming to see me in two weeks. I am so excited.

WEll, gotta go!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ode to PMS

I had a horrible week last week, and I blame it all on hormones. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. When your hormones are all messed up, little things seem giant.

It all started last week when I went into work only to find some of my responsibility had been taken away. Now, let me explain a little about myself. I graduated high school 5th in my class. In college, I was the president of my honor society. In school, teachers used my work as an example. But now that I am in the business, my work is always being challenged. And it's really starting to wear on me. I'm not used to someone questioning my work...I guess I should be, since that's all anyone has done for the last 3 1/2 years. So, I tried to brush it off when I learned my boss was giving some of my responsibility to my writer.

The next day, things had been changed up even more...more of my responsibility taken away...and this time I really hated it. So, my hormones got the best of me...and I spent the day feeling sorry for myself. I even asked my boss what I had done to offend him so. HE just replied by saying we needed to have a chat. That made me worry terribly.

So, Friday, I met with my boss. HE did my 60-day review...and the review on my work was great. I ranked better than average on everything that pertained to the job I do. But lucky for me there's also a question on there about how well I work with others. Well, I've already told you how I hate for my work to be questioned...and I've already told you about the person I have trouble getting along with. Undoubtedly, my boss took his side. He gave me a lower than average score on that question...said I needed to learn how to "play well with others". So, it seems I am not liked very much at my job. I am starting to get used to this. I hate to admit it, but I like things done a certain way...and it's my show...I am the one who, in the end, has to answer to my bosses about my I run a very tight ship...and every good producer I know does the same. So, I don't know what's so bad about, I have made a decision...I am not going to let it bother me...unless it is going to make me look bad in the company. I refuse to lower my standards just to please everyone. It's not going to happen.

Now, by the time Saturday got here...I just needed to relax. So, I took myself to the nail salon and got a pedicure and a manicure...and man it was so relaxing. I needed that. Then I went to church Sunday at Redemption...had a great time there and God spoke to me in a lot of ways. So, things are getting back to normal...I am feeling much better...and that could have something to do with the fact that my hormones are back to normal...if you know what I mean.