Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm so Tired

I wish I wasn't so tired! I can't seem to get my energy. It's probably due to the fact that I haven't been in the gym since before the wedding. My house is a mess--since I'm so tired all the time, I don't feel like cleaning. And I wouldn't normally care. Because up until this point, I really didn't have any friends that I had to worry about just stopping by. But now, with my new church, I do have friends, and some of them know where I live. So, now I must at least keep the front part of the apartment clean. I'm not complaining--I just wish I wasn't so tired! I guess that comes with working third shift.

I can't believe I get to go to Alabama--even if it is only for a couple of days, and even if I will be busy the whole time I'm there. I love South Carolina, but at times, I really miss Alabama. That's home--I grew up there, and will always look at it as home. But I can't imagine moving back there. I really do love it here, and hope I'm able to stay here for a good while.

Now that I'm meeting people, and I have a church, it feels even more like I belong here. I got an email from the pastor of the church yesterday just telling me how glad he was that I am a part of their church family. They really are people-oriented, and it shows!

Well, I'm heading home--probably to do a load of laundry, and then head to bed. I slept all day yesterday, but I really don't want to do that today.

Hope everyone's having a great week!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Met Someone

This is a pretty exciting post for me to write. I went on a date yesterday. And I really like this guy. His name is Brett. We spent all day together--he brought me home about 8:30 last night--after dinner. BEfore dinner we went to an arts festival in Greenville. It was really fun!
I met him at church about a month ago, and we've been getting to know each other since. I am very cautious about writing this because I don't want to jinx it, but I wanted all you friends to know this good news. Just a little about him--He's a teacher, and he's from Alabama--can you believe it? I'm in the Carolina's and I met a good ole Alabama boy! He's also in ministry in the church. I'm so excited, but at the same time really cautious. My dad told me to be careful and not get my heart broken. I know that you have to be willing to get your heart broken in order to open your heart to anyone. So, while I know that that is a possibility, I want to see where this leads. I am also praying about this deeply. Because I want what God wants for me. But I've been praying that the Lord would bring a man into my life, so I am just testing the waters. Please pray for me that God would be at the center of everything we do and we will allow Him to lead us in this. This is so exciting!

For all of you that live in the Alabaster area--I will be at Kingswood A/G in two weeks. They are having a bible quiz tournament there--and I'm going as a chaperone! Brett is actually one of the people in charge of the junior bible quiz team here, and invited me to go...so it will be interesting to see how we do spending the whole weekend together. So, for you who live in that area, stop by the church and look for me. I would love to see you!

Well, I have to go. get ready for church I just wanted to share my news. I will keep you posted--but right now, I have a good feeling about this one. He's different from anyone I've ever dated--and I think that's a good thing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just got the funniest email from a friend of mine. It made me laugh on an otherwise bad day. I really hope you get as much a kick out of this as I did.

directions from New York to Paris

Go to Google.com
2. Click on Maps. (Above search space)
3. Click on Get Directions. ( Top of page)
4. From New York, New York
5. To Paris, France.
6. And read line # 23.

What you think? Are you in enough shape to make it?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

April 14

Today is April 14th. Can you believe it's already the middle of April? Time is flying--and I hate it. I feel like my whole life is going by so quick. I can't believe I'll be 30 in a couple of years--and half of my life dreams have yet to come true. I know God has a plan--I'm just trying to wait on Him.
Speaking of the Lord--isn't he wonderful? I know this is corny, but at the beginning of January, I was having a really hard time--and so, I made a list of everything I wanted to see God do this year in my life. It wasn't like I was making demands or anything--more like I was having faith that He would see me and understand what I needed. I wrote down the list in my journal, so I would have something visual to keep track of it all. The other day I looked at that list. It's only April and half of the things I asked God to do--He's already done. Isn't that awesome? I asked Him to bring me to a church that would love me and include me--a place where I could worship among believers and want to go to church--since I left Mobile in 2003, I have just not wanted to go to church--I couldn't find a good church--a friendly church--a church where people were actually glad that I was there. So, I went from time to time just because I am a Christian and felt like I wouldn't be considered one if I didn't go to church. Well, guess what! My old roommate from Southeastern--Jill--got in touch with me out of the blue a few weeks ago. She had learned from the alumni website that I was living in South Carolina--she asked me if I had found a church and she told me about one here in Greenville. She knows the pastor. So, I went to the church, and guess what! I love it. Sunday will be my fourth time going, and everyone there has already accepted me as a part of them. It's amazing! I felt so welcome the first time I went, and have felt the same way every Sunday since. So much so, that I invited some friends to join me--and they loved it as much as I did. So thank you, Jill, and thank you God for sending me to Trinity Fellowship. If you live in the Greenville area, I would urge you to give Trinity Fellowship a try. It's a small church, but they really love the Lord and love people. www.tfcag.org

The second thing I asked the Lord to do for me is to give me some friends--specifically I asked for three girlfriends this year. Well, since the beginning of the year, I have made friends with the wife of one of my co-workers. Her name is Heather. She is a great friend--she and I are getting together about every two weeks and spending the afternoon together. And her husband keeps their children so she and I can go. Isn't that awesome? I know that's only one out of three, but I am very optimistic that some of the ladies at church are going to be my friends too, and then I will have what I asked for. Life is so empty without someone to spend it with--it's so nice to have a friend.

While I'm on the subject of happiness--I've been on a pursuit of happiness most of my life. And I think I'm close to finding it. For the first time in my life, I like the city where I live. I don't know why it's different here, but it is. Not to say if I felt I was supposed to go somewhere else that I wouldn't go--but I think I am going to stay for a while. There is a guy at work that's made it his personal vendetta to make me leave--everyone there knows that when I left Pensacola, it was because my boss had quit, and my life became a living hell. So--you'd know it--my boss here--my executive producer--quit a few weeks ago. And there's this guy at work that's trying to make my life miserable. I think he thinks he can scare me away. Well, I'm here to tell you--I like it here and I'm not leaving. So, no matter how difficult it gets at work--they won't be getting rid of me so easily.

My little sister is enjoying married life so far--I talked to her on the phone yesterday. I am so happy she's happy. I miss her so much.

Well, I have a lot to do today, so I will end for now. be blessed!