Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just got the funniest email from a friend of mine. It made me laugh on an otherwise bad day. I really hope you get as much a kick out of this as I did.

directions from New York to Paris

Go to Google.com
2. Click on Maps. (Above search space)
3. Click on Get Directions. ( Top of page)
4. From New York, New York
5. To Paris, France.
6. And read line # 23.

What you think? Are you in enough shape to make it?

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Eric said...

My BAD! I figured everyone would somehow? find me through other blogs. I still have been reading yours though if that helps.

I like this post you did. My mom sent me this email and I did the directions on Google and it was funny.

Maybe while I am in NY next week I can swim-over to London!!!