Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An "Extreme Makeover"

I haven't really kept up with my blog over the last week because I have been so busy, and because I haven't felt very good...the crud hit me hard! But I did want to show you a little something that happened here in Chattanooga that is beyond cool! The TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, came to town! Okay, so technically they came to North Georgia (Catoosa County), but that's only about 15 minutes from Chattanooga. Because I am in the media, I spent several days out there, and got to meet several members of the crew! I can't wait to see the episode on Television! Here are a few pictures!

This is me with one of the designers from the show, Ed Sanders.

And this is me with another designer, Eduardo Xol, who announced this would be his last build with the show.

Reporter Antwan Harris, Photographer Tim McCurry, and me during a live broadcast.

Here's the bus and the cool boom camera on reveal day.

Ty Pennington shooting a scene on reveal day.

Fans welcome the Sharrock family home.

The Sharrock Family, with Ty Pennington, after seeing their house for the first time!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 10 Pound Mark

Week 6 of my diet and exercise regime came and went on Thursday this week, and I got a wonderful surprise! I hit the 10 pound mark, which means I am a third of the way to my goal! Yay! It's amazing how when you really put your mind to something, things happen!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Go Away, Valentines Day!

Ugh! It's my least favorite day of the year. It's a day where (mostly) men spend ungodly amounts of money-- buying their special someone candy, flowers, carriage rides, you name it. Then they get in the car and head to an overly crowded restaurant, where they way for an hour or more to get a table--all in the name of love. Seriously people! Why do you do these things? First of all, Valentines Day is just a commercial holiday. It's made up! Why can't you, instead, go to Wal-mart, and buy those beautiful flowers (which I do love)for a fraction of the price than the florist... and put them in a vase yourself? Why can't you have a nice dinner at home and avoid the crowd? That to me says love a whole lot more!

Secondly, shame on anyone who uses Valentines Day as their only day to gift the person they love. This should be an every week occurance! Flowers should come several times a year, not just Valentines Day.

I am a strong believer that the only good Valentines Day does is brings attention to people who aren't part of a couple that they're single. And that tends to make people very sad, depressed even. I'm over that. It used to affect me that way, but not anymore. I just don't like Valentines Day...I learned this a few years ago, when I actually had a boyfriend. He did everything right for Valentines Day (in the eyes of everyone else). He ordered candy from my favorite store, he had flowers and a teddy bear sitting on my desk when I got to work, and he took me to a fabulous restaurant, where the food was amazing, but pricey. And the evening wrapped up with a carriage ride. Yes--perfect. But I can only imagine how much he spent on all of that--and I had nothing to show for it a week later.

So please...celebrate Valentines Day... but then celebrate "just-because" day in March... and "I love you day" in April. Get the picture?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"A Billion Reasons Why", by Kristin Billerbeck

Katie is a strong-willed, red head, who is determined to live a solid, happy life for God. She's "almost" engaged to a man that she sees as the perfect man for her. There are 'a billion reasons why" she should marry Dexter... mainly because he's safe. Just when she's getting comfortable with the life she's made for herself, a blast from the past comes back into her life. Luc broke her heart years ago, and she's been running from that heartache ever since. Luc, though, isn't going to let her run from her past anymore. Katie is now living in California-- a far cry from her New Orleans roots. Luc convinces Katie to go back to New Orleans for his brother's wedding. Confronting her past is hard. It means confronting her mom, who she hasn't seen in years, dealing with the death of her father, which she's ran from, and with Luc-- and everyone who knows what he did to her. This trip back home causes her to not only confront her past, but it helps her find her future.

Kristin Billerbeck is one of my favorite authors. I have read several of her books, and I love that she can make me laugh and cry all in the same book. It's like I'm watching a movie, as vivid as she makes the story. This book was no different. I found myself in Katie in several spots of this book, and it made me laugh with her and cry with her. It also spoke to me, as I related to Katie in so many ways. It takes a special book to get some of these reactions out of me.

There was something I really didn't like about this book as well. Billerbeck used a lot of pop culture items in this book. For example, she made reference to "The Bachelor" several times. Pop culture is good, but I don't think it belongs in a book. I love books, and what I really love is their ability to transcend time. If you include pop culture, then people reading these books in 20, 30 years may not understand the reference. So, you must be careful using pop culture when writing a book. I do, however recommend this book to the readers of today, because you will understand the references, and it's just a must-read for any lovers of chick-lits.

I was provided a free copy of this book by BookSneeze, for my honest review.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 5 Weigh-In

Another pound gone from my body! Thursday was weigh-in day, and I'm down 7 1/2 pounds now! Can't wait until I get to my goal of 33 pounds lost! I'm hoping to be down 5 more pounds before heading to Cozumel, so please pray that I can achieve that! That would make me a third of the way to my goal, and would make my trip a good reward.

The more I try to lose this weight, the more I hate myself for putting it on! I know my issues. I hate to cook. That's the bottom line. It's not that I eat all the wrong things, because I really haven't sacrificed what I like that much on this "diet". I just don't like to cook, so I eat out way too much. That piece of chicken you buy at a restaurant has a lot more fat and calories in it than the chicken you make at home. I still hate to cook, but I'm making myself do it nearly everyday. If I fail, that will be why. But I am working very hard. I haven't exercised in two days because of illness, but I plan to get back on the "horse" tomorrow.

Hope all of you are doing well this week.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

God Cares About Me!

It just goes to show you that God cares about every little aspect of our lives.
I didn't get enough money on my taxes to go on a nice vacation, but my job did surprise me with a nice bonus! I praise God for that! It came at just the right time! So, can you guess where I'm going? I'm going on a cruise to the Western Caribbean! Cozumel and Calica, Mexico! I leave in four weeks, so my goal is to be at least five pounds lighter by that time, and in much better shape. That will help me as I "play" on this trip. I plan to make myself start every morning of that cruise in the gym--so I can eat all the wonderful food. The best thing about a cruise is the food and I'm gonna eat. My goal that week will be not to gain any--not to lose. So workouts will be part of it, but it will still be fun!!!

The Lord doesn't always give me all the desires of my heart, but sometimes, He surprises me. This is huge to me. Vacations are very important. I don't feel anyone can get totally refreshed, without leaving everything you know for a few days...including cell phones and computers. That's what I like about traveling out of the country. No one can contact me and I can't contact anyone else. It costs too much! I'd rather spend the money on the trip. So, tonight, I'm thanking God for thinking enough of me to give me this desire of my heart--to go on another cruise.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Well, it's weigh-in day, and I have to say I didn't do as well this week as I did last week. I haven't been working out with the intensity that I should be. I have, however, stuck to my calorie goals all week. So , it's gotta be the exercise. I've been at this for 4 weeks now, and today, for week 4, the scale said I lost 0.4 pounds. No, not even a pound. But at least I "lost" and didn't "gain"! So, I'm down nearly 6.5 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Just got to keep going! And because the Super Bowl party I was planning to attend got cancelled, I guess I don't have to worry about eating bad on Sunday! I was, however, looking forward to the time with friends. Oh well. Have a good Thursday, everyone!