Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 5 Weigh-In

Another pound gone from my body! Thursday was weigh-in day, and I'm down 7 1/2 pounds now! Can't wait until I get to my goal of 33 pounds lost! I'm hoping to be down 5 more pounds before heading to Cozumel, so please pray that I can achieve that! That would make me a third of the way to my goal, and would make my trip a good reward.

The more I try to lose this weight, the more I hate myself for putting it on! I know my issues. I hate to cook. That's the bottom line. It's not that I eat all the wrong things, because I really haven't sacrificed what I like that much on this "diet". I just don't like to cook, so I eat out way too much. That piece of chicken you buy at a restaurant has a lot more fat and calories in it than the chicken you make at home. I still hate to cook, but I'm making myself do it nearly everyday. If I fail, that will be why. But I am working very hard. I haven't exercised in two days because of illness, but I plan to get back on the "horse" tomorrow.

Hope all of you are doing well this week.

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Odie Langley said...

Just stay with it Nicole and it will happen. It might even take a little sacrifice like eating a few more salads, which I have learned to really love, and trying to eat less meat. I think the main thing that is helping me is staying away from carbs and white sugar. Hang in there & hope you are feeling better.