Saturday, February 05, 2011

God Cares About Me!

It just goes to show you that God cares about every little aspect of our lives.
I didn't get enough money on my taxes to go on a nice vacation, but my job did surprise me with a nice bonus! I praise God for that! It came at just the right time! So, can you guess where I'm going? I'm going on a cruise to the Western Caribbean! Cozumel and Calica, Mexico! I leave in four weeks, so my goal is to be at least five pounds lighter by that time, and in much better shape. That will help me as I "play" on this trip. I plan to make myself start every morning of that cruise in the gym--so I can eat all the wonderful food. The best thing about a cruise is the food and I'm gonna eat. My goal that week will be not to gain any--not to lose. So workouts will be part of it, but it will still be fun!!!

The Lord doesn't always give me all the desires of my heart, but sometimes, He surprises me. This is huge to me. Vacations are very important. I don't feel anyone can get totally refreshed, without leaving everything you know for a few days...including cell phones and computers. That's what I like about traveling out of the country. No one can contact me and I can't contact anyone else. It costs too much! I'd rather spend the money on the trip. So, tonight, I'm thanking God for thinking enough of me to give me this desire of my heart--to go on another cruise.


Odie Langley said...

Nicole I am so happy for you and I personally know you will enjoy the cruise because I went on the very same cruise a few years ago. Email me what ship you will be on at We decided to take a tour around the island of Cozumel and thought it would be a bus but it turned out to be a white stretch limo. The driver would stop anywhere we wanted and we had some great food at a beachside stand & Linda got a picture made with a hat on her head with an iguana sitting on top of it. For the whole day he only charged us $25 per person which was awesome. We didn't even get off the ship at Calica. The dock is like a an area of nothing but dirt with a long line of buses or rental vehicles waiting to take you into town. All you see is trees and some kind of processing plant on the right. We just enjoy more room on the ship while others were off. We were on one of the older Carnival ships the Holiday which had been used as housing for displaced person during one of the gulf coast disasters and then had to be rebuilt before we saw it.

Trina said...

Congrats on the bonus AND the vacation. You will have a great time. God always gives us exactly what we need.....when we need it. I'm so happy for you!