Saturday, June 17, 2006

Every Week has a Weekend...Thank God!

It's that time of the week again. Time for me to actually sleep when it's dark outside. To spend my days without any go shopping, go swimming, do whatever I want to do without having a schedule. I love the weekend. I live for the weekend. This weekend, I started it by going to Goody's to go shopping. Man, I love the fact that I am losing inches off my body! I went and bought a skirt, a pair of shorts, and two shirts...and then because I spent more that $50, I got a hammock for 10 bucks! So, I am going to hang it on my balcony for a wonderful place to relax. My apartment is completely shaded, so it will be great for a hammock.

After shopping, I went to the movies and saw "The Lake House". That's the new movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reaves. It was a great movie. Ladies, if you like the sappy romance stories, you will like this movie. And there is a cool ending. I loved it!

Last night, I went to the singles bible study at my church. There were probably 50 singles there, and the singles pastor says there's usually a whole lot more than that! So, it was nice getting out and meeting some folks.

Now, I do want to address the definition of a blog. I think some people are having a hard time grasping what a blog actually is. A blog is a place where a person can say whatever they want. A place that can be an outlet for them. Now, the great thing about a blog is that it is like a tv. You can change the channel if you don't like what is said. With that said, I will continue to say whatever is on my mind. And if you don't like it, you don't have to stay. Please don't stay. Because this is MY blog. and no one is going to tell me what is right and what is wrong.

Moving on...
I am so happy I have a four day weekend coming up next weekend. I need it terribly. I had a rough day at work yesterday...I won't bore you with the details...but it's still just one person. I don't have a problem with anyone else in the entire building. Everyone treats me with respect, which is nice, and I even have several friends in the newsroom. One of our anchors and I are going to eat at PF Chang's on Tuesday. I love that restaurant and it just opened here. So, things are great. I can't really complain. If I could get this one guy onboard, then I wouldn't have any complaints at all. But then I would live in a utopian society, and I don't think God has that in mind for anyone. He wants us to be challenged...and our lives will never be perfect. But I still say one out of an entire workplace isn't bad.

I went to Salsa Dance lessons last monday night. They were so much fun! I did, however, find out how much I was out of my comfort zone. With Salsa, you have to dance closely with your partner. I am not used to being that "close" to a guy, expecially one I just met, so it was pretty uncomfortable. But by the end of the evening, I was having a blast! I am going to go back this Monday night.

Now, after Salsa, I was getting ready to go to work. I ate...sat down and watched a little bit of tv, and then it hit me! I got a migraine, would you believe! I hate migraines. They put me out of commission for several hours. I can't sit up...I can't concentrate...and all the lights in the house have to be off because light hurts too much. So, unfortunately, I had to call into work only one hour and 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there. That sucked...and I knew it, but what was I supposed to do? There was no way I could stare at a computer screen with a migraine, much less get a show on the air. So, my boss had to come in and work for me on very little sleep. I have decided I am going to get a doctors appointment and see if he can give me a prescription for some migraine medicine. I am tired of getting so sick with those!

Well, it's Saturday, and I have a lot of nothing to do today (don't you love it?). I may not post next week because my parents are coming into town and on Saturday morning, next week, I am going to our company picnic...before my parents get here. So, it's going to be busy, but lots of fun!
So, I am going to end now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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