Friday, April 21, 2006

Four Weeks and Counting

Well, we just finished up our fourth week on our new show, and things seem to be going great. Our ratings have doubled since our first week, which I consider a great thing. And it's getting easier to get the show finished. That's a big deal because I am responsible for two hours and once I get comfortable with getting it done, I can start getting more creative. That's when it gets fun!

I am still working out. I just purchased a year's worth of personal training sessions. I feel great and doing this really motivates me to get to the gym the rest of the week. I am only eating out once or twice a week now. That's a big change from every other day or so...I have so much more energy...I'm sleeping better at night...and the stress in my life is very small.

I am still having difficulties with that one guy at work, but as long as it's only one person, I can handle it. He's just so harsh in everything he says. Thinks he knows better than everyone and lets you know it. But it's okay. I am learning to ignore him.

So far, I have tried out two churches, but still haven't found the one I feel like I am supposed to be at. One of my co-workers has invited me to church at her church, so I think I am going to go there Sunday.

And you won't believe this! I may be going on a blind date in a couple of weeks! That same co-worker who's invited me to church says she wants me to meet this guy she knows. She is going to set it all up...we will double with her and her husband. Now, I have only been on one blind date ever. It was a lot of fun, and I actually dated that guy for a few months afterwards. But he turned into a major jerk, so I said good-bye.
So, I think this blind date could be fun...and I could make a friend in the process (or maybe more). I'm all for it.

I went downtown Greenville last Friday night. They have a Jazz concert downtown every Friday during the summer. It was a lot of fun. I went alone, but ran into someone I knew while I was there. Downtown is so beautiful. I wanted to go back tonight, but it's supposed to rain, so I probably won't. But I will definately get back down there.

Well, I hope all of you are well in the blog world. One more thing. I went back to pilates yesterday. It was the first time I had attended the class since I started working out with a trainer. And pilates was so much easier this time. I was able to do almost everything and I am not that sore today. So, I am definately strengthening some muscles.

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Rachel said...

It was good chatting with ya on Saturday. The ultimate frisbee/volleyball/cookout were nice, and I didn't get sunburned! :oD Monday night was so fun; I had fajitas and hung out with some young people from my church. I'll have to tell you about it; you would like the monkey story. :o)