Saturday, June 07, 2008

Carolina On My Mind

Well, I have officially left South Carolina, But I will probably always be a Carolina Girl at heart. Greenville is the first place in my life that I ever felt like I was home. Even when I left Gordo, the small Alabama town I grew up in, I didn't feel the sadness I have felt over the last few weeks. I left Greenville yesterday, and as I approached the South Carolina/Georgia line, I had to fight tears, because I so didn't want to leave. But I had to. So, I had a little talk with God--and I told him that my head was telling me to be so angry at Him because I felt like he let me down. I made a home for myself in Greenville. I loved it there. And if things would have been okay with my job, I would have bought a house and stayed forever. But my heart tells me that I just need to trust Him--trust the one who writes my days(as the Barlow Girl song so poetically says). Because maybe I am supposed to be in Chattanooga for this time. Maybe I am going to go there and God is going to really use me. Or maybe I am supposed to go there to find my husband. Who knows? I just pray that I will love it there, and if I don't, God will allow me to go back to Greenville one day. So, as I sit at my mom's house in small town Alabama, I miss Greenville already. But I am trusting God that He will make this move great! I did find a wonderful apartment. It's a one bedroom, loft apartment in East Ridge, a suburb of Chattanooga.So, things are already looking up. Please pray for me that I will find a wonderful church family, and that my job will be great!

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Hey hi! Yea, i was searching for blogs with similar names. And found yours. Thanks to you too, for stopping by! Happy blogging!