Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pray For TV Jobs

Okay, so you've probably heard alot about construction jobs being down, or about the auto industry having a hard time. But what you haven't heard about is the television industry. It's probably because TV news is where you are hearing about other industries struggling in this economy--and we don't like to tell bad news about ourselves. But one TV company I know of has decided to enforce five percent pay cuts for all of its employees. And another TV company has went bankrupt and is now up for auction. The company I work for is not immune. We are dealing with layoffs as well. The reason? Advertising is down because other industries are struggling. So, when you're saying a prayer for others without work, pray that God will help struggling companies get back on top. Because the last thing we need is more people out of work. We need to be adding jobs in this aweful economy...not laying off more workers.

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