Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cruise to the Bahamas

Valerie and I just got home from a cruise to the Bahamas...and I wrote down a summary of each day...thought you might enjoy reading about it!

Val and I left Chattanooga at 3am to drive to Jacksonville. When we got to the terminal, we felt like we were being herded like linie after another--five lines before we were able to board. Then we couldn't get into our stateroom until 1:30. I had so many carry-ons! We had lunch on the Lido deck, then at 1:30, we went to our room for a nap. We figured the cruise didn't really start until 4 anyway, and we were tired! At four, we went to a required safety meeting where were were taught where to go if the ship is sinking, how to put on a life jacket, and where our rafts are located. I don't know about you, but if the boat is sinking, I'm getting my life vest and heading straight to the raft--not the muster station!

We watched the boat set sail, then were entered to win free spa stuff...didn't win, but it was still fun. We explored a bit, went to dinner, where I ate a wonderful tomato soup, a cesar salad, chicken pasta, and Chocolate Melting Cake (yum!). THen Val went to bed. I went to the opening show--a comedy show and dancing, then I explored a bit...Went to the casino and lost $20...Got in bed around 12:30am.

The First day of the cruise I had a tough time with sea sickness. Wasn't nauseaus, but I was dizzy. You could really feel the boat rocking.

Fun day at sea! Woke up at 9a, to find Valerie had been up and already been to the gym for a workout! The beds were so comfy! WE had breakfast delivered to our stateroom, then headed to the pool for a fun-filled day in the sun. One problem: There was no sun! It was overcast-and cold! So we laid out by the pool until lunch, then ate caribbean food in the coconut grill. It was delicioius! We went back to the pool, long enough to watch the "Hairy Chest Competition". It was so funny! Then we went to a dance class. Valerie decided to watch, and she took plenty of pictures of me dancing the salsa! WEnt to a shopping seminar, then to our rooms to ready for formal ight. Got all dressed up--ate stuffed mushrooms, strawberry bisque, lobster tail and shrimp, with a baked potato and a cherry dessert. WE got our pictures taklen several times--there were some really pretty ones, but we didn't buy them. Then we went to the show--all about 80s music, clothes, and hair! Then we went to bed--Half Moon Cay tomorrow!

Hmm...How do I describe this day? Absolutely Marvelous! Today, Val and I got up at 7am. WE got ready, ate breakfast on the Lido deck--eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, toast, bagels, and orage juice. And by 8:30am, we were on the tender boat, and on our way to Half Moon Cay. It is so beautiful! The water looks like a swimming pool. IT's aqua blue and you can see everything! IT's amazing! You get 20 feet deep and you can still see the bottom clearly. And the water is very salty--burns your eyes so bad, and it doesn't taste very good, either! The sand throughout the island is fune, soft sand that feels wonderful to your feet! We started our day on the island by getting on another boat and heading snorkeling. We went way off the island to a reef, and I saw lots of beautiful fish--blue, yellow, multicolor--we also saw different types of coral--one lady says she saw a sea turtle! It took a few minutes to figure out snorkeling. I had a hard time breathing and getting used to the waves. But once I got it, I had a great time! We also met Alex and Emily during this trip--friends for the rest of the cruise. After snorkeling, we came back to the island and laid on the beach for hours! We ate lunch, then went back to the beach. We were on the island, in the sun, for 8 hours--and you could look at me and tell! I was so red, despite wearing spf30 sunblock all day!
That evening I attended another dance class--this time it was disco dancing...saw Alex and emily there. THen we went to bed.

we woke up this morning and we were in Nassau! My first impression was how wonderful it was. But then we got off the boat! THere were all types of people, harrassing cruisers, trying to sell tours, taxis, scooters, and anything else you can think of. BUt we got away from the terminal and all was right with the world again.
We went to all kinds of stores, and the famous straw market. The straw market held beautiful hats and handbags, all woven by those selling them. One lady even let me take her picture while she worked. We ate lunch on the ship, then went back out. We rode a Jitney(bus) to cable beach and that was quite the experience! You almost have to have a death wish! But we made it in one piece, and it only cost $1.25 each way! The water at cable beach wasn't as nice as what we saw at Half MOon Cay. There was lots of seaweed. We didn't stay long. We went back downtown and shopped more. Then we went to the Queen's Staircase and met a guy who gave us a tour of sorts. He told us the history of the Queen's staircase. It has 65 steps--one for each year Queen Victoria reigned. We also learned that Bahamians were slaves to England. And when slavery was abolished, the Queen gave the slaves the islands and helped them make lives for themselves. All children learn christianity in school...and they even have a hotel/tourism class, since that's their main industry. The tour guy also showed us Fort Fincastle and a beautiful view. We then went back to the boat--man, was I tired! WE got back around 6, so it was a 10 hour day and my feet hurt so bad!

We went to dinner and sat in Putu and Ntando's section for a third night. I ordered Lobster Bisque and fried shrimp and grouper with a marmalade sauce. Then, we went to a juggling show and comedy funny! I laughed so hard, I hurt!

As I went to join the deck party, it started raining. But it didn't last long. THere was a live fun... I danced the electric slide, the macarena, the YMCA, the Chicken Dance, and any other group dance you can think of. Valerie didn't go with me to the party...she went to bed early. I made it to sleep about midnight.


Today is the last day of the cruise. I'm sad it's over, but so glad I got the opportunity to come! We had so much fun! This day, I was so tired I didn't wake up til about 9:30. We went and ate breakfast, then we had to go to a mandatory embarkation meeting, where Trevor, our cruise director, explained the provess for getting off the boat. Then it was time for some fun in the sun. WE headed out to the Lido deck and grabbed a couple of lawn chairs. OUr chairs were close to the stage, and that was wonderful! We got to hear the band playu and see all the entertainment. We played a game of tv theme song trivia, we watched a man carve a sculpture out of ice, and all kinds of stuff. I was in and out of the pool a couple of times--which by the way was salt water! WE ate lunch about 1:30--mongolian food--it was wonderful! THen at 2:15, it was time for the country line dancing class! Alex and emily were there again. I got their information so we can stay in touch on facebook. Then I went back out for more fun in the sun. Valerie decided to go shopping. WE met back in the room about 5p and then headed to the farewell party. There was music, dancing, and free drinks. Then we got ready for dinner. It was our last night with Putu and Ntando. Sad. I got mushroom creme soup, crab cake, and shrimp, scallop, and callamari pasta. I picked out the calamari(yuck). But the food was great...and for dessert? Chocolate melting cake, of course! THe show tonight was called "Mambo" then back to our rooms to pack and back to the Palace theatre for another comedfy show. WE were in bed around midnight.

The next morning, we got in the car and headed home. Vacation is over, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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