Friday, October 08, 2010

Storm Warning

I review for BookSneeze

Today it's beautiful outside. You wouldn't know there's a storm brewing. This storm isn't of the weather kind. It's of the supernatural kind. This is my review of the book "Storm Warning" by Billy Graham. And I have to say this book was provided to me by BookSneeze for my review.

Have you ever noticed how most people are fascinated with storms? Maybe you are. I know I am. Billy Graham speaks of another type of storm. A storm that he's been fascinated with in his lifetime...he says he believes the storm clouds are darker now than they have ever been.

The first chapter in this book made me think very hard about the world today. I never thought about the numbers of dead in recent world events--the earthquakes in Haiti and in Chile. Hurricane Katrina. In some of these events there were no warning, but in some there were warnings and folks failed to heed them. Billy Graham speaks of the warnings in this book that people fail to notice. But he also says some of these storms in our lives are necessary.

In this book, Graham talks about supernatural events, about political events, even the environment and global warning. He speaks about how it's all biblical--leading up to Christ's return. He even talked about 9/11. He said "these are the kinds of storms that drop from the skies when the warning signals are ignored". But he made note of the response...He says it brought Americans to their knees.

Graham even made mention of social networking sites like Facebook. He says these sites just add to the cult of self.

I loved one quote, and I wrote it down. He says, "No life is without its own set of problems. Jesus never promised our paths would smooth." This is so true. So many times we as Christians think we are immune to the storms of life. Then we get devastating news and wonder why something so tragic could happen to us. Billy Graham writes, "The Bible assures us that God will abolish evil when Christ returns."

This book was very enlightening. I guess I never thought much about how the things in life, the events, and thought about how much they actually mean. This book is a very hard read, and was difficult for me to get through it. But if you are interested in end times prophecy, I would recommend this book to you. Billy Graham is reknowned throughout the world, and I love the way he brings recent, relevent examples into this book. But this is not a book to just read for leisure, as it will take you a while to get through least it did me.

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Odie Langley said...

Well girl if it took you a while to get through it that would be an understatement for this old guy. I do like reading anything he has written just because of the respect I have for the man. He is one of the few men in history that I can recall that you don't see negative stuff written or spoken about him. If they have it in a Kindle version I may download it. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.