Monday, April 18, 2011

My Heart Aches for a Family

Life is so good right now. I don't know how to put it in writing. It's amazing what a little love will do for one's heart. I'm loving the way I feel since Jeff came into my life. Just to think, some people never experience the love of a life partner... and that's sad. It makes me sad that it's taken me this long to experience it, and that I had decided I was going to be single the rest of my life. I am so glad God had better plans!

I've been reading another blog... it's a blog written by the wife of one of my high school band directors. Click here to read it. She blogs about his cancer, and the struggles they go through in day to day life as a family, dealing with sickness. I hurt for them. I hurt for him, but I hurt for her just as much. This man that she loves more than anything is very sick, and he's been sick for a very long time. I just pray that my future family never has to go through that.

Many of you know because of prior posts that my brother died of cancer (Leukemia) when he and I were teenagers. The struggle we went through at that time scarred me for life. And then last year, my grandmother went through quite the battle of her own with ovarian cancer. She's now with my brother walking the streets of Gold. I don't want to ever want to have to say that filthy word again when it pertains to my family. Cancer. It's a scary word. It takes away so much. I just have to believe that God knows how much I've been through and won't ever make me go through that again.

When I finally have the family that I've long desired, I want us to live Happily Ever After. I know there will be bumps in the road. But I want to keep sickness away. It really affects me when I read the Swinney's blog . I pray for them, but I pray for my future family every time as well. I've waited so long to love and be loved that I won't accept an early departure from this world for either of us.


Odie Langley said...

I am so glad you are happy and have someone to love. I pray that you both stay healthy for a very long time.

Rose said...

When you struggle with life, just remember today if you're out of mood, tmr there is something better for you. That's life! Keep relaxed all the time. Let God grant you all the happiness & peace throught your way.

Btw I found a person like me waiting for the future happiness .. :)