Saturday, October 21, 2006

10-Year Class Reunion

The Gordo High School Class of 1997. What can I say about our class. Most everyone hasn't changed much. Many, including myself, have put on some extra pounds. Some have taken some off. Some are looking much older than they are. Some haven't aged much at all. Most are married. Many have children. But not me. I'm still single and have no children. Some went to college and are now working in their chosen field. Some didn't go to college, but are working. Others are staying at home with their children. It's strange seeing
everyone in their different stages of life. We all graduated high school in the same stage of life...just starting life, actually. But what a difference 10 years can make.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I just had my 10 year class reunion. Yesterday was Homecoming at Gordo High School. We all met at the school at 10am. We had lunch together and toured both the high school and the elementary school. Then we went to the pep rally, where we had the roll call of the class of 1997. The pep rally was cut short because one of the cheerleaders fell during a flip and
hurt herself pretty bad. She's going to be okay, thank God. But
because of that, the pep rally didn't proceed as planned. We got on the flat bed trailer we called our parade float and rode through the parade. It felt like we were in a fish bowl and everyone wa gawking at the fish. The parade route went through downtown Gordo and several people were taking pictures of us. But it was funny, because there were some in our class who were taking pictures of the people watching us! I got quite a kick out of that! I guess they wanted to document the whole experience.

After all was said and done, a few of us went to "The Front Porch" to eat an early dinner. Then we went home to rest before the football game.

The Gordo Greenwave played West Blocton for Homecoming. And it was a slaughter. Gordo scored a touchdown before everyone got settled into the stadium good. West Blocton didn't score at all during the first half. They scored twice in the second half, but that was after Gordo put second and third string in. Final score? Gordo 41, West Blocton 14. After halftime, about half of the people watching the game decided the game wasn't worth their time, so they went home. It was such a boring game. I'm glad Gordo won, but I wish West Blocton would have put up a better fight and made it at least entertaining.

So, now, homecoming is over. Several of us are getting together at "Steamers" to eat dinner tonight, and then I will head back to the great state of South Carolina tomorrow morning. And then I have to go back to the great world of a working woman. I am so glad I had a week off, though. It gave me time to recouperate. I feel better right now than I have in several months. This night shift is killing me. But now, I feel good and I can go for another few months before my next vacation. I get Thanksgiving off, so I'll have four days off in a row for that. That will be nice. And I have a week off in March for Lisa's wedding. that's only five months away.

Thank you Gordo High School and Gordo Elementary School for a great Homecoming. And to the class of 1997, it was so good to see all of you. Keep in touch!

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