Friday, August 15, 2008

I Just Want to Sleep

Well, I have been in Chattanooga for two months now, and things seem to be going great.
And my dad and stepmom are back from Vegas(where my dad is working) for a few weeks, so I am getting to spend some time with them. They live a little more than an hour from me, so it's an easy drive to their house. I spent last weekend there, and plan to go back tonight. They live on the lake, so I predict a fun weekend of boating and swimming...and riding the new waverunners!
Since I came home Sunday night, though, I have had a really hard time sleeping at night. I really don't know why. Until last night, I went to sleep right away, but always woke up a few hours later. Last night, I even had a hard time getting to sleep. I am so tired! My grandmother asked me last night what's bothering me that would prevent me from sleeping. I really don't think anything is bothering me. I have been feeling a bit lonely over the last week or so, which could be causing some of the problem. Last Thursday, I had a really down day--and this week, I've just been wishing I was surrounded by my family and friends. It's always hard moving to a new city...especially when you're all alone. I've made a couple of friends here, but they are new friends, so I don't connect with them as well as my old friends just yet.
Well, I need to get back to work--by the way, things seem to be going great there. And working during the day is definately a plus!

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Rachel said...

Nicole!!! I just wanted to say HI and that I was thinking of you. I really, really wanna chat soon! I know all morning tomorrow, through maybe part of the afternoon, I am volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for my church ... but maybe (hopefully?) after that, because we should definitely catch up soon. :) I am hoping I do okay in the heat ... when I was in youth group years ago, I nearly passed out on a roofing project. I know the Lord will protect me though. :) Love ya much and hope we can talk soon!!! :)