Friday, August 22, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Everyone always says little girls never grow out of being Daddy's Little Girl.

Well, I think to an extent, that is true.

My dad and stepmom are home from Vegas until the beginning of September, and I have spent the last two weekends at his house. He lives a little more than an hour from me on Weiss Lake in Alabama.

And last week, he called and gave me the best news--they finally bought two waverunners! I've wanted one as long as I can remember. So, we spent last weekend riding them on the water. It was lots of fun. My dad had a really hard time learning how to ride them, but he finally got the hang of it on day two. But my stepmom, Sherry, and I had no trouble riding them.

It's nice living so close to them. In South Carolina, I was about four hours from them. And I was about six from my mom and stepdad. Now, I'm much closer to both. I'm hoping that means much more quality time with all of them.

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Rachel said...

Awww ... I'm daddy's little girl, too. Speaking of daddies, you can pray for my dad ... I completely forgot to mention on Sat., but September 8 he goes in for a test to see if he has cancer again. (He is experiening pain in the same area of his back as was a symptom of the cancer before.) Thanks so much, and it was good to talk to ya Saturday. :)