Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Give me a Break!

I work in the news, and several days, there are stories that I really wish I wouldn't have heard. The big story last week...Clay Aiken "coming out". Now, it's his own business if he says he's gay, but please don't say it's okay to be gay and be a Christian. I mean, the bible very clearly states homosexuality is a sin. And God destroyed a whole city because of the homosexuality there. I do believe that Christians can struggle with homosexuality. It's a sin just like anything else. But to come out and say "I'm Gay and I'm a born again Christian", well I'm sorry. But I think that's terrible that our young people who may look up to Clay as a roll model would hear him say that. I cannot judge him, only God can, but it's not okay to mislead our youth.

Something you may not know...Christian singer Ray Boltz, who sang the classic songs "I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb", "Thank You", and "Watch the Lamb" also says he's gay. I would just ask the Christian community to come together and pray for these two men.

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