Thursday, January 29, 2009

Notes about our trip

Noelle and I thoroughly enjoyed our 30th birthday trip to Tucson, Arizona. We got to see the city and the desert(which was the highlight of the trip). We also got to spend time at Old Tucson Studios. If you've ever seen a western, or watched "little house on the prairie", chances are you'll recognize some of the buildings and scenery there, because many of them were shot there. The desert is beautiful...nothing like the southeast, where I live. And the weather during the winter is awesome. It was 75 degrees and sunny during the day. at night, we had to wear dropped to about 40 degrees. The food there was amazing! We had Mexican, Southwestern, Jewish, Greek, and Italian food during our stay. And the people were very hospitable. I would recommend this trip to anyone, but go in the winter! I hear it gets plum miserable during the summer!


Eric said...

Happy Late Birthday!

Rachel said...

Glad you had a good trip!:) For some reason your picture slideshow won't show up on the computer I'm using. Bummers! We'll have to chat one of these days soon and catch up. :o) Love ya, girl!