Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Review For The Tyndale Blog Network

I have begun to review books, and I just finished my first on the list. Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a copy of "The Witness" by Josh McDowell, for my review. It was a very different book from the genre that I usually read, but I couldn't put it down. I read it in four days, only reluctantly putting it down to sleep or to work. The book is a murder/suspense novel. It begins with a crazy scene of murder, that you might only find in a movie. The lead character, Marwin Accad, is forced into hiding, and into running from city to city, because not only are assassins after him, but so are the police. But you learn, not only is he running from those who are after him, he is running from God. The funny thing is, God starts showing up in the oddest places, showing Marwin that he can't do it alone.

I do have to say, I didn't care for how the book ends. It leaves you with many questions as to what may have happened next. I would have liked the author to wrap it up a bit better. But overall, a very good book. Would love to see a sequel to "The Witness

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Patience said...

What a lovely profile! I love Alabama and Tennessee!

Anyways, Can I send you a free copy to review? It is SCARS: An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel and about a girl who goes through the tribulation.

The publisher is Spring Harvest and is available at Amazon.


Patience Prence