Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't Bash the President

Our country is in turmoil. The unemployment rate is high, folks have lost their homes, many are struggling to make ends meet. President Barack Obama inherited America's problems when he became the leader of our country (He didn't create them, remember?). Over the last year and a half, the President has worked to fix a lot of our mess. Passing the health care bill was a huge step in the right direction. If you don't agree with health care reform, then you've never been in a place where someone you love, or yourself, was very sick and could not get help because you didn't have health insurance. He's also helped create thousands of jobs with the stimulus program. And our country is turning around.(I don't care if you agree with these statements or not).

I didn't vote for President Obama...I didn't even like him while he was running. But I do think he's doing pretty good with what he was given. And no I'm not a democrat. I'm an independent, who votes for the right candidate, not a party. I say all of this because we are in the midst of another election period right now. And it appalls me that there are candidates using their platform to bash the President. We should be voting for candidates who are willing to work together with the President to make a better America...not for those who want to work against him in everything he does. I don't care who the President is! He deserves respect!

There is a candidate in Tennessee running for Congress. Her name is Robin Smith, and her ad simply says "vote for me and I will work against the president". Click here to see ad. How is that helping America? Americans voted President Obama into office and he deserves a chance to turn things around.

A Georgia candidate for Congress, Jody Hice, used a hammer and sickle symbol on a billboard, which is the symbol for communism, when referring to the President. This is NOT acceptable.

If you vote for either of these candidates, or any other candidate that talks about going against the President on everything, then this country will remain the place it is today--people without work, wall street falling apart, foreclosures at an all-time high. You need to vote for people who are willing to work together to make this country the great place we know it can be. And that doesn't mean always agreeing with President Obama. It means talking things through and coming to decisions together, as a team. Please vote wisely this year. It could mean a better America, or the worse you've ever seen.


Amanda said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm a conservative republican. I disagree with 99.9% of our President's opinions. But he IS our President and our Commander in Chief. And we are at war. The position deserves respect - regardless of if you agree or disagree with the decisions made. If you disagree, show it at the polls. But, I do not believe in publicly bashing the leader of our country. It infuriated me when people did (and still do) bash President Bush. It would be hypocritical for me to turn around and do the same to our current President.

Jesus Save Me 2010 said...

Completely agree with your statements. Our Presidents deserve our support and respect. Regardless of political belief, he won the presidential race and is in a position to change the course of America.

I was at a public event a few weeks ago, and the family beside us refused to stand and acknowledge the National Anthem. Not only were they disrespectful, but they sent a strong message to their kids as well.

We need to bring back human morals and respect!

God Bless America!

p.s. Love your Blog (a fellow Tennessean)

paul said...

interesting subject - i am in my late 40's and after a couple of decades of watching political events unfold, and also from working in government, i have come to the sad conclusion that it's all a ridiculous show and circus - i am sorry to say the whole thing is totally corrupt - and i don't say that lightly or with any satisfaction, since i wish this country actually lived up to its ideals

Hardy Ulmet said...

I agree . . .

No need to bash him or anyone, ever. Their notions of reality do a worse beating on themselves than anyone else could inflict.

I must say, though: This dude is scary! Wow! I thought W was lousy at governing! This guy makes him look great!

But . . . the consequences of what he had done to us.

I also agree with the prior commenter. The whole political scene is totally without merit. Nonetheless, their clout continues to enslave each of us further.

Glad we're just "passin' through".

Trust your day is blessed.

Hardy Ulmet

Barbara said...

I am so glad I found your blog and read this post...I could have penned it myself...I feel the same way.
Our president deserves respect and it's disgraceful the way he is treated by some "respectable" people.
I work in healthcare/dialysis and see the struggles that most of our patients have just to make ends meet.
Anyway...I feel the same way that you do. How can our children grow up showing respect to authority when grown ups don't show respect for authority? Just a thought.