Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Thank You!!!!

It always amazes me when people tell me they read my blog. I mean, these are just my thoughts and ramblings that sometimes I just have to talk about. This is a great outlet for me. Over the last week, I have gotten 3 comments, saying they read my blog! And just in the last couple of weeks, my known followers increased from 2 to 7! It's amazing. I just want to say "Thank You" for reading! If you read and haven't become a follower of my page, please do so! I love to see who is reading! And I will try to be better about updating more often!


Wendy said...

Well you are welcome! I found you via the Next Blog button. I have a few friends from Tennessee... I'm in Washington State.

Washington says Hello!

Dreamer said...

hi!!..i really like your blog, cause i almost feel the same as you. I got happy when someone read my blog or leave a comment saying he or she is agree with my thougths.. Keep writing, you do it very well.
Sorry for my english, im not from the from Argentina, by the way.
ok, God bless you!

Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by, both of you! And Dreamer, you're English is better than some Americans! So glad you left a comment!