Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amy Inspired, By Bethany Pierce

I seem to be sticking to a theme in my reading lately, and it's not intentional. The book I just finished is called "Amy Inspired". It's about a 30 year old woman, who's looking for inspiration for her writing as well as in her life. Amy is a writer, but to support her dream, she also teaches college classes. She doesn't think she's very good at her "day" job, but you learn, she really is a good teacher. You see this in the story in the way she interacts with her students. Amy is a single woman, who seems to always fall for the wrong guy...we meet her as she ends things with one of these men... and throughout the book, she wants to make sure she's turning the page on this, and headed down the right path. After all, she is 30 and still single. It seems when she finally just stops trying so hard, all her dreams begin to come true...

This was a good book... It took me a while to get into...the first few chapters were pretty slow. But I did enjoy it. I would recommend this book to any 20 or 30 something woman who's still single and trying to find your place in this life.

Bethany House provided me a free copy of Amy Inspired for my honest review.

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Odie Langley said...

I am sure a lot of gals will take you up on that one Nicole.