Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello, all of my blogging friends. After quite the hiatus, I am back! Let me update you a bit on the last several months! Well, in June, I got married! I still can't believe it! All these years waiting for that special someone to come along turned out to be someone I already knew! So, for everyone out there who has given up on love-- don't! It will happen! Well, that's just the beginning. About six weeks about my husband and I decided we needed to be close to his children to be in their lives while they grow up. So... we moved to Oklahoma! Quite the change from Chattanooga, Tennessee! I still miss Chattanooga everyday, but Claremore, Oklahoma, is a nice town. It's about 30 miles from Tulsa, and known for many famous people-- Will Rogers and Patty Page, just to name a couple! The only thing I really hate about Claremore are the trains. There are two lines that run through town and there's no escaping the sound of the whistle! Plus, you can't drive through town without seeing a train or getting stopped by one! The people in Oklahoma aren't nearly as friendly as down south, but I expected that before I came. It is nice to be close to the kids, though. Samantha is 8 (going on 16) and Tyler is 6. We get to spend half the month with them each month, which is nice, but it's also hard for me! I'm not used to being a mom! On top of everything, I quit my job. I'm trying the stay-at-home gig for a while, and let me tell you: it's harder than it seems! I haven't quite got the art of keeping the house clean yet. But I know I'll figure it out! So as you can see, my life is totally different than it was a year ago. Sometimes I miss my old life, but I love my new life and wouldn't trade it for the world! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When will the resting ancestor toe the line on top of the killer? (Don't ask! Just had to put this on here for something new I'm doing!)

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Trina said...

Wow. Big changes indeed! Glad to hear you are happy and content with your new surroundings. I wish you the best!