Sunday, January 06, 2013

Little Germ Factories

I moved to Oklahoma three months ago-- and since then I have been sick, in the bed for a week sick, twice! This time I have the flu! But there's one little problem with this scenerio! I don't work, so therefore I'm not around people! So why am I getting sick so much? I think I have figured it out-- two little germ factories named Samantha and TYler! Children are germ factories. I've heard it said many times that when children first go off to daycare, mom gets sick a lot. It's because children carry the germs home! They may not even get sick because they've built up an immunity! But poor mom and dad...didn't even see it coming! Well, being a new mom, even if said children are six and eight years old, I feel the same way! I feel like I've been sick ever since I got to Oklahoma! It makes me afraid to be around them! I'm gonna start taking vitamin C everyday, but moms out there, please give me pointers on how to stay well! I really don't know what to do! I just know I cannot continue to be sick like this! Thank you in advance!

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Cathy said...

Hi. I also had a step-child when I married my husband. And moved away from where I was. We now have four together (plus my step-daughter when she's with us). You just do what you can do about the sick thing. Try not to touch your face. Have them wash their hands. Eat healthy food. But, ultimately being around kids exposes you to lots of germs. Eventually, I think your immune system gets caught up with the extra germs and it's not so bad. Think of it like being a doctor and try to take extra precautions. Blessings.