Monday, November 14, 2005

My Last Huntsvegas Weekend

Well, I have three days until my time in Huntsville will come to an end and I will say good-bye to WAFF. I will work Wednesday and then I will get in the car and head South. And trust me, I won't look back. No offense to any of my friends in North Alabama, because all of you will stay dear to my heart...
Last weekend was my last weekend in the "Heart of the Valley." And if nothing else...I ate good! I went to St. Thomas Episcopal church for Lobsterfest...and man, was it good! It had been a long time since I had Lobster, so thanks Denise, for the generous gift!
I spent the rest of the weekend packing up my apartment and getting ready to leave. I packed all my clothes...except what I need to wear this week. Do you know how hard it is to pick out what your going to wear four days in advance?
So, come Wednesday, I will be Florida bound! I'll be working on the, I'll tell ya...suffering for Jesus! hehe.
This will be my third tv station since I graduated college, but it's the first time I get to do what I really want to do...produce a newscast full-time. It's going to be so great. So, if anyone is ever in the Mobile-Pensacola area, turn on WEAR, channel 3 for your morning news! :)

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jamleah said...

We will definitely tune in the next time we are in that area! It sounds like you are excited! I pray God's safety over you as you move forward!