Saturday, December 03, 2005

Deck the Halls

Okay, so don't laugh. The first thing that went up in my apartment was the Christmas tree. I have no furniture...but I have a tree! Forgive me, but I love Christmas more than anything and so I made sure I brought my Christmas Stuff with me in the car. My dad is bringing my things over to Pensacola tonight...and an old friend of mine from Mobile is helping me move in. Thanks a bunch, Jeff. So, I will finally start getting settled. Did you know Nationwide won't give renters insurance in Florida anymore? I had to switch companies and go to Allstate because NAtionwide is afraid of Hurricanes. And I got my bank account changed to Florida. Now, I have to get a florida driver's license and car tag...and it will be official. Hope everyone is doing well. THings at work are getting better. I was on my own for the last three days and had great shows each day. Happy Holidays!

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jamleah said...

Hey, a Christmas tree can make anyplace feel homey! I don't blame you one little bit! Glad to hear that work is going better. Sometimes being on your own brings out the best work!