Monday, March 13, 2006

Flu Bug

Well, I am back online...just in time for my first day of work. Let me give you a rundown of my trip...

Well, I had five people come and help me pack the truck...thanks everyone! So, things got off to a great start. I got to Greenville on Saturday night of last week, and checked into my hotel. Well, everything still was going great! Monday, I started looking for an apartment, and the second one I looked at I just fell in love with! It's two bedrooms...has plenty of amenities...and is right across the street from work...can't beat that! I was glad I found somewhere so quickly, because Monday afternoon, I started feeling sick...So I went back to the hotel, thinking maybe I was just tired, so I decided I would sleep it off. No such luck. I ended up at the dr on Wednesday and staying in the bed until Saturday. I had the flu. Now, you may remember back in November, I had a flu shot. NEver again will I put myself through such torture if I'm going to get sick anyway! So, my place is still packed up in boxes...but i feel much better and will start unpacking this week.

I start my job today at 2:30. I am so excited! Anyway, the weather is beautiful up here and everyone is so nice, so despite the flu, I think this is going to be a gret move for me. Til next time!


Anonymous said...

I am glad everything is working out so quickly. 'EL will love this...You are living in the "FOG"...Favor of God!

I hate you got sick but it's good that you are starting to feel better.

Can't wait to hear about the new job.

dramagirl said...

Hey Woman! Sorry I did not call this weekend. I was busy on duty and with homework....mid-terms are over. Talk to your mom. She told me you were sick. I am glad you feel better. I promise...I did not send it your
Told Jon about coming to see you, and he thought it was a good we just have to find time. Well I will try to call you soon. Got some wedding plans to share...I think. I am going to look in two weeks at place so I can get it reserved. Talk to you later. Luv ya. Lisa

Patti Doughty said...

Nicole - I'm so thrilled. The Lord sure seems to be opening all kinds of doors. A 2-bedroom apartment that quickly - and across the street from work? Unbelievable.

Sorry about the flu, but maybe you needed the downtime to rest up for the whirlwind.

Hope its been a great week so far.