Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So far, so good!

Just a quick note to everyone...

So far everything seems to be going well...I hope ! :) I had to put together a pretend show today and I thought I would's so different than what I am used to and much harder. But I am sure I will be fine. I have to do the same thing again tomorrow. IT can only get easier!

I went to lunch with one of my anchors today. She and I have really hit it off. It is so nice to have friends at work!

There is so much I have to learn and I feel so overwhelmed, but my new boss is great and making sure I know everything.

The cool thing is I get benefits from day one here! So, I don't have to wait three months! ISn't that awesome!

I should have internet at home shortly, so I will be able to write more, but right now, I have to say good-bye. I'll write more soon!

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