Saturday, May 13, 2006

12 Inches!!!!

In the last five weeks, I have lost 12 inches off my body! Can you believe it? It's not showing much in my clothes yet, but it's definately a start! I only lost 3 1/2 pounds, but a lot of the weight is turning into muscle. I am so happy. Words just can't describe it!

My mom, step-dad, and grandmother are coming to visit at the end of June. I am very excited about that.

Other than that, nothing really new to report.

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Rachel said...

You GO, Girl! :o) Thought about you this weekend. Things are going well here. Guess what? Today I took a friend from work to the Indian store. (She can't drive, and needed to pick up some things, but I also kind of wanted to go anyhow, to look around.) Anyhow, I got this really pretty "wall hanging" to drape on my desk at work. It was just the kind of thing I needed --my desk looks so much more homey now. :o) Hope you've had a great weekend!