Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yea! Three-Day Weekend

After tonight, I will have three whole days off! And I am going to spend it with my daddy. He has been working on the Gulf Coast. He's an electician and he's been working to get the Biloxi/Gulfport area back up and running after Hurricane Katrina. Well, he and my step-mom are going home for the weekend, and since I haven't seen them in a while, I decided to go and see them. They live in northern Alabama, right on the Georgia line, so it's not too terribly far from South Carolina.

Last weekend, I had lots of plans, but I ended up sleeping the weekend away. I was sick the whole time, and couldn't bear to do anything but lay around. I have never had allergies before, but I think living in South Carolina is different...and there are things in the air that aren't in the air in Alabama. So, I may have to go see an allergy doctor and get some prescription meds...the over-the-counter stuff just ain't cuttin' it.

Did you see American Idol last night? Wow! I can't believe Taylor Hicks won, but I have to say, American Idol does make me proud to have been born and raised in Alabama. Watching Ruben, Bo, and now Taylor make it so far just goes to show that great things do come out of what some may refer to as "hickville".

I had to tighten my belt a notch today...that makes me feel good... but I have to tell you, I have been working hard at losing the weight. And I am getting in better shape, which will in turn make me healthier. It's a great feeling. My trainer got promoted to management, so it looks like I am going to have to work-out with a new trainer...and I'm not too happy about that.

I'm sitting here listening to the Carrie Underwood CD. If you don't have it, you should get it. It's great!

Well, I need to go feed the dog...and then start getting ready for bed. I will be so glad when one day I don't have to work nights anymore...I know the day is's got to come eventually.


bomba said...

I think I am going to try out for the next American Idol...Yea Right!
Alabama is on a roll.

jamleah said...

I would love to audition for AI, but I think I may be 'aged out' by next season.

Rachel said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for your fun note on my blog. I hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was good. Yeah, you're right; we definitely should try to chat this weekend. :o) Love ya!