Friday, May 19, 2006

Busy Weekend

There is so much to do this weekend...I don't know where to begin! There's a Greekfest going on all weekend, so I may go to that tonight...

I don't know if anyone knows this or not, but South Carolina's official dance is "shag". If you've ever seen "Shag, the Movie," then you probably know that. Well, Saturday night, there's a full night of Shaggin' downtown. I am thinking I might go. Maybe I can learn a few steps...

Of course, Sunday, I will be heading to church...

Things are going well. I am getting over being sick...again. I guess my body's having to get used to the weather and the new environment here in South Carolina. Man, I am so tired of feeling bad. This time it was a bad cold or something. My nose was stopped up and running...I was sneezing like crazy...and my whole face had pressure in it. Thankfully, that's starting to go away. I was worried that it would put a damper on the weekend.

I have a three-day weekend next week. Don't know what I'm going to do with the extra time yet...but one thing's for sure...I am going to enjoy it!

Things at work are pretty good. Can't complain there. I talked to a couple of the people I worked with in Pensacola the other day. Sounds like they are missing me a bit...there were a few people there that I am glad I got the opportunity to meet. Not everyone was like Sue.

South Carolina is way crazy. To get your Driver's license and car tag, you have to go to the tax office first, and pay property taxes on your car...then you take the receipt showing you paid your taxes to the dmv where you get your license and car tag. Well, I did all that and got down to the dmv...someone please explain to me why you would need to prove your a citizen when you already have a drivers license! They wouldn't let me get it because I didn't have my birth certificate! So, I guess I will have to go do that today!

While I was downtown paying my car tax, I decided to take a look around the city. Downtown Greenville is beautiful! If you've never been there, you should go. There's a park downtown that has two waterfalls and picnic tables and a huge pedestrian bridge over the river... It's so nice! There were several people painting the scene in the park.

Have a good weekend!


bomba said...

sounds very nice. jennifer and i will have to make a trip out there sometime after we get married.
I'm glad things are working out for you.

Nicole said...

yeah! and if you do...look me up. I would love to meet you!