Friday, December 15, 2006

this week

This week, for the most part, was a good one. Of course, my birthday was Monday, and I totally treated myself that day. I had a facial and then lunch with the girls. I wish everyday could be that relaxing! Then, the rest of the week, I've just been kind of chillin'. I bought my angel tree gift...I think this is a great Charity and I'm glad I was able to participate this year. It was so fun going to the store and buying for a child. I really hope the girl likes it!

Tomorrow, I think I may head up to the Biltmore Estate to see the Christmas decorations. I didn't get to go last week. And sometime this weekend, I need to finish my Christmas shopping. I have all gifts except for my sister's. Lisa, I really need some ideas!!!

Speaking of Lisa, she graduates from college tonight. And with honors! So, congrats, little sis! You did it!

And Happy 25th birthday today to my brother, Tim.

To a sad note...
Please keep the Hannah family in your prayers. They are old friends of mine from grade school that now live in southern Georgia. Anyway, one of the children...he was 24 now...died in a car accident this week. Reports are that he fell asleep at the wheel. And his brother, who was in the car with him, was taken to the hospital. I have no update on his condition. But that family needs lots of prayers right now.

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