Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a Few More Days

Jill and me at Paris Mtn.

I'm wrapping up another day at work--and that means I only have three more days at Fox Carolina. I am going to miss several of the people I work with. I am also going to miss my friends that I've made over the last two years in Greenville.

I got the greatest surprise this past weekend. My roommate from Southeastern, Jill, called me Friday and told me she was coming to visit! She flew in Friday night and stayed all weekend. It was so good to see her!

It was a weekend of surprises. I was at church Sunday, sitting with Jill, of course, when Olivia and her family showed up! They said they wanted to surprise me since I am leaving next week. I felt so popular this weekend, with everyone showing up to surprise me like that!

My first day at work in Chattanooga isn't until June 16th. That gives me time to find an apartment and move my things. I may even try to go home to Gordo for a couple of days before I start. We'll see.

I am excited about the move in many ways. The thing I'm most excited about is sleeping at night and working during the day. I won't know how to feel. I haven't done that in more than four years. I really hope that I'm able to get back to loving what I do. I've just been so burnt out lately. I will be the producer of the 5p news, which means I will work 9am - 5:30pm nearly everyday. Isn't that awesome? And Chattanooga is a lot like Greenville. So, I'm really hoping I love it as much as I do here.

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