Monday, March 16, 2009

Undogfriendly City

Chattanooga is the least dog-friendly city that I've ever lived in! Who's ever heard of dogs not being allowed in the park? Well, most of the parks here in Chattanooga don't allow them! What's the point of boasting the great outdoors if your precious pooch can't enjoy it with you! Dogs aren't allowed on the riverwalk, they're not allowed at Tennessee Riverpark, and they're not allowed at Coolidge park! It's an outrage! I set out on Sunday to enjoy an afternoon with Casey--we first tried Tennessee Riverpark, but there are signs posted everywhere--saying no dogs! So, I decided to take a trip to Coolidge park...we walked, and I looked for signs, but there was none, so I thought I was in the clear...until a park ranger came and very nicely told me to leave! But she did tell me where we could go...Renaissance Park allows, we got back in the car, and headed there...By that time, the afternoon was pretty much gone, but we did enjoy about an hour walk, which was well needed, since it had been raining for like 48 hours!

Chattanooga city leaders, please here us! Our dogs like to enjoy the outdoors, too!

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