Friday, March 20, 2009


I guess everyone's really busy, because I check everyone's blogs frequently and many of you haven't updated in a while! Please update, so I can know what's going on with you!

I'm going to Gordo this weekend...really excited about that, but it's going to be a really busy trip. I'll get to visit with my friends Jennifer and Tess...and on saturday evening, my brother and his fiance, Timmy and Kylie, are coming over to the house...and then on Sunday on the way back home, I'm going to stop and have dinner with my sister, Lisa, and her husband, Jon. In the middle of all that I will visit with my mom and stepdad, and hopefully get to see my cousin, Mandy. So, it's going to be a jammed-pack weekend.

Good news about my foot...I don't have rheumatoid arthritis or gout! that's a relief! I only have inflamation, which should go away with the exercises I'm doing and the orthotics I just got in my shoe. Doctor says a combination of bad shoes and an uneven gait probably caused the problems. Now, I have new shoes as well. Can't do much about the uneven gait--i've probably had it all my life.

have a good weekend everyone, and get out and enjoy the weather...

Oh, by the way, happy early birthday to my friend, Noelle. She's the girl who went to Tucson with me. She joins the 30 club on Monday!

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Rachel said...

Hey girl! Been thinking of you ... We definitely should talk soon and catch up. :o) That would be fun.
Doesn't look like this week will work since you're traveling and I have a ladies' retreat at my church (I'm excited!), but definitely a weekend SOON. Maybe the next weekend. :o) Oh, and I will try to update my blog again soon, too... :)
Love ya, girl!