Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is this your new house?

I am not one to use my blog to sell things, but this is important. My family really needs to sell my grandmother's house. So if you live in the Mobile, Alabama, area, or have plans to move there, or know someone who needs a house in the Mobile area, please consider this house. Here's the link. Thank you!

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Odie Langley said...

Hi Nicole, the only experience I have with Mobile is a negative one. My wife and I took a cruise to Cozumel Mexico and did the crazy thing of driving from NC to Mobile to get onto the ship. It was such a long drive and when we got to Mobile we didn't have a GPS at the time and lots of their streets are not marked properly. We got lost and wandered around for what seemed like forever. Not a place to return to for this old guy. Now all of our cruises will leave out of Norfolk, Va. about 2 hours from our house. Hope you have had a great week and I do hope you have success selling the house.