Friday, November 05, 2010

Rainy Days

I have a friend that I've adopted as my "little sister". She wrote this poem, and it spells out what I love about a summer rain! So I asked Olivia if I could share it...Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Olivia is 14! Here it is:

The grass is alive in a vibrant and vivid green.
An elegant color, such as this, is rarely seen.
A summer rain is falling, showering the ground,
Nourishing every plant’s roots that it has found.
Beads of raindrops are visible on every growing leaf,
The summer heat is not blaring; it’s a relief.
I am relaxed and calmed, as it taps on my windowpane,
But I refuse to sit here inside; I want to feel the rain.
So I hurry outside, and the rain soaks into my hair.
Water droplets fall on my tongue, as I stick it into the air.
The rain drenches my body from my head to my feet,
As it continues to cover my backyard in steady sheets.
My body is refreshed, as the gentle rain drizzles.
The tranquil rain is so peaceful, as it sprinkles.
I can’t help myself; like a kid I must skip and run.
A rainbow of pastel colors appears-
While shining through it arrives the sun.


Odie Langley said...

Tell your little sister that Odie liked her poem very much and to keep the good stuff coming. Have a happy friday.

Nicole said...

I'll tell her!