Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, my vacation is over and now I am back at work. But it was such a good vacation--so relaxing! So much so that I hated coming back to work. But I do feel much better since I'm back. I don't feel all burnt out anymore and I am able to do my job with some ease. I even got a compliment from one of my anchors--he told me I was missed.
Savannah and Tybee Island were awesome. We had so much fun! We spent the first night on Tybee.

It was a small, very quiet beach, which made it very relaxing. We were beach bumbs Wednesday and Thursday. We also visited the Tybee lighthouse--and climbed all 178 stairs!
Man, that was tiring! And my calves hurt for the rest of the week! But what a view from the top! You can't get this view from the ground!

After the lighthouse and the beach, Jill and I got all dressed up and went to dinner at a restaurant just across the street from our hotel. It was all you can eat seafood--and it was really tasty!

We headed to Savannah on Thursday, where we visited the River Walk,
went on a Ghost tour, and just leisurely walked around town.

We also ate at several tasty restaurants, including Lady and Sons --that's Paula Dean's restaurant. And you won't believe it! We got there at 11am and walked right in--no wait!

We went on a riverboat cruise, which was really relaxing.
We had planned to spend most of Saturday in Savannah before
coming home, but we ended up coming home early since
it was pouring rain. I'm glad we did. I found out later it flooded in parts of Savannah.
So, it was a great trip. I didn't realize how much I missed Jill. Now, after spending a week with her, I hate to let her leave. We roomed together for a year and a half.
I just wish we could convince her to move here! But I am sure it won't be another eight years before I see her again. I want to go see her in D.C.

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