Monday, September 10, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

I spent the weekend in Alabama at my dad's. He lives in a town called Cedar Bluff, which is near Gadsden. I got there on Friday, and just kind of hung out. I was sad to learn that my dad had closed his restaurant. They just weren't getting the business they needed to stay open, since there are no vacationers in town this year. The lake is about dried up because of the drought, so boats can't even get into the water on Weiss Lake. It's really sad!

My sister, Lisa, and her husband came up for a visit while I was there. We spent the day in the pool, which was nice and relaxing, and daddy grilled out for lunch. It was just a really relaxing weekend. Daddy doesn't really care for my new car. Of course, he's a Chevy man, and can't understand why anyone would by a Ford.

I won't be back in bama again until the holidays--but I am really looking forward to it. And my mom and step-dad may come up for a visit in November--really looking forward to that.

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Rachel said...

I like Alabama! I would love to chat too ... when is usually best to call on Saturday? Tomorrow might be hard though since I am busy from 11:00 to mid-afternoonish ... but feel free to call at any point and leave a message as to when might be good to call you back and I'll see what I can do. :o) Hope to talk to ya soon, friend!!!