Friday, September 21, 2007

Mustang Sally

So, I just have the overwhelming desire to just get in my new car and head to the country so I can drive! I absolutely love my car--I still can't believe I own a Mustang! One of the guys at work walked in yesterday. I was at work a bit later than usualy, which is why, until now, he hadn't seen the new ride. He said who's Mustang is that out there? And everyone said "nicole's"--and I just smiled--he said some things about it being a really nice car, then sat down to start his job. It still made me feel so great! I love that I have a car that everyone loves! Maybe I'll go for a ride later today--after my nap.

I think I've about gotten rid of the fleas. Casey and I aren't itching as much as we have been--and I haven't noticed any new bites on me in a couple of days. So, I'm pretty happy about that!

So, it's beginning to look like November is going to be a pretty busy month for me--but I am so excited about it. My mom, step-dad, and grandmother may come for a visit before thanksgiving...then after thanksgiving, my sister and brother-in-law may come. I am so happy. I miss all of them so much. That's the only drawback about living in South Carolina. I hardly ever get to see my family.

On my sister, Lisa's blog, she wrote about a song--and it made me think about being back home. I do miss the quiet surroundings of a small town. Gordo's not much, but it was my home for my school years. I don't think of it as home anymore, but I do enjoy a good visit from time to time. Looking forward to the holidays when I am hoping to be able to go home and spend a few days in the "boondocks." that's another song I just love.

Well, gotta go start my weekend--Have a good one!

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