Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Excuse me, I've got an Itch!

Okay, so I love my dad, but I am not happy with what I brought home from his house. He lives out in the country and everything has been so dry that they have a flea problem. Well, guess what! I now have a flea problem! I am trying to get rid of them, I really am. But myself, and my poor dog, Casey, both have bites all over. I have bought carpet powder, stuff to spray on the furniture, and even stuff to bathe him in, but we are both still getting bit! And I've washed everything--all the towels, sheets, and clothes in my house. I feel like I have coodies or something. Anyway, if I can't get rid of them--I guess I'm going to have to get a flea bomb and bomb the apartment.

This weekend I am going to be quite busy. I have two birthday parties to go to. One is for my friend's little boy--who is turning 4. the other is for a friend of mine. I'll have post pics of that one. it's going to be great!

Well, got to head out. It's time to go to Flea War!

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Aka...Jon & Lisa said...

Wow! Sis, that is a problem! Well I do hope you have fun at the birthday parties this weekend. I have a question for you...so when I call try to pick up the phone! LOL :) Also, I have not forgotten about sending you those pictures, but the past week has been CRAZY! I am ready for Jon's store to open! Miss ya, Lisa