Friday, January 25, 2008

Meeting John Edwards and Danny Glover

In the news business, we sometimes get opportunities that many wouldn't get otherwise. Yesterday, I got one of those special opportunities. Our reporter was scheduled to interview John Edwards at a campaign rally, but we had breaking news, so she couldn't go. My boss asked me if I wanted to go, and of course, I jumped on the opportunity.

While there, I got to hear him speak, then take part in a media availability. After that, I got to meet him and talk with him one-on-one. Actor Danny Glover was campaigning with him, so I also met him and interviewed him.

((I took this picture. i don't know who this kid is--but it's a great pic of Danny Glover))


Rachel said...

Hey girl! You're so right ... I finally did update it just now, so you'll have to check it out. :) I was just thinking the other day, it's been long overdue! So how are ya? Miss chatting with you, but it sounded like you would be pretty busy over the last couple weekends. Sounds like you've had some great opportunities with your work!

Rachel said...

P.S. Oh yeah ... I still wanna visit you so much!!!! I still don't know when ... I am hoping I can find a super-cheap airline ticket. :)

Aka...Jon & Lisa said...

Hey Girl! I will try to call you today. Hang in there! Send me a text if you go to bed early so I will not wake you. xoxox Lisa