Friday, February 29, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Well, it was short-lived(3 months), but I am glad I know what I know now before I spent too much time in this relationship. Brett and I broke up--this time for good. It's a long story, and I'm not going to go into it all, but let's just say I wasn't ready for the level of committment he wanted, so he decided to end things completely. It was an all or nothing deal. Then he said some pretty nasty things to me. So, I won't be having anything else to do with him. And that does hurt, but I guess that's life, and I just have to learn from this. You have to be willing to get your heart broken to have any type of relationship--right now, I am picking up a million shattered pieces. I can handle break-ups, but some of the things he said when he ended our relationship, is what hurt so bad. And the bad part--we go to the same church and are involved in the same ministries. So, now I have to make some pretty big decisions.

Just please pray. This is only one big thing going on in my life right now. it feels like everything's happening at once, and I'm feeling very overwhelmed.


Eric said...

We will be praying. Just don't leave a church that you love because of something like this.

Patti Doughty said...

Nicole, my mother taught me to always pray that when someone said things that hurt to ask the Lord to blow away the chaff and help me to see any grains of truth that were left behind. Often, everything was blown away. Other times, once I dug through all the hurt, I discovered something the Lord wanted me to learn. In any case, I always had to forgive the hurter. It was never easy but, in the long run, I'm the one who would suffer from feeling hurt, not them. I'll be praying for you.