Monday, February 06, 2006

Another day

Well, it was another day at work...and I am so proud of myself. I carefully think about what goes into every show I produce. I love what I do...just not where I'm at. So, today, everyone thought I should have had a different story in the show. And they overtook me on it during the show...which pissed me off bigtime (excuse my choice of words). So, after the show we always have a meeting to discuss the show...and I stood up for myself to the entire group. That was so hard to do. I let my assistant boss, Randy, know what was going on so he could listen in...and then I told them they all have access to the scripts before the show. If they want a story in there, they need to tell me BEFORE the show...because the way they did it this morning is not going to cut it. Randy told me I handled it well, which meant a lot becase I lack tact in a lot of areas. Hopefully, they will know that they can't just run over me in the future.

It is supposed to be snowing today in North Alabama. I am glad I'm not there...well, let me rephrase that. I wish I could be in the snow, but I wouldn't want to have to try and get to work in it. Because all of the roads will eventually close...and the news must go on. I hope if I ever move north that it is somewhere where they maintain icy roads instead of closing them down.

Well, now I have to go make reservations for my dog at the kennel for this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go; Standing up for yourself. I have been doing a lot of that a few weeks ago. It lets people know where you stand and where you are going to "make them stand."

Also, be praying about becoming the "Strong One" with the situation about calling your sister.

Have a safe trip to NC.