Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cardboard Boxes and Packing Tape

The most beautiful sight to me right now is cardboard boxes and packing tape. My house is starting to look like I'm moving, and that's a good thing, since I don't have that long to get things done.

I found out today that my gang from WAFF that I used to work with reads my this is a shout-out to all of you. I miss you all more than you know!

I am going to get moving service from a u-pack it company. That's a company where they let you pack the truck and then they drive it. It's cheaper than full-service moving companies, but much less hastle than renting a truck and driving it yourself. Besides, I don't know if I could drive a truck and tow my car. I've never done that before! So, this will work out great!

It's so great to know that no one's looking over my shoulder right now. They know I'm leaving so they don't really care if I don't do exactly how they want me to...they only have to see me for another week and two days.

A friend from work (yes, I do actually have a couple of friends there) is coming to help me get some things out of the attic tomorrow. Thank God for friends.

In the meantime, I still can't believe I got a job in a number 35 market. This is huge. I have only been in this business a little over three, for everyone that told me it couldn't be done...take notice! It can be done...and it just goes to show you if you want something bad enough, anything can happen! "God doesn't give us a dream without giving us the power to make it come true". I love that quote. I'm not sure who said it, but it's a quote I live my life by. I have a dream to adopt a with the salary I will be making in SC, that dream should become a reality in the next few years. I am so excited!

Well, guess what. I have to go to bed. I'll write more later. Good night, Bloggers...


jamleah said...

You go Nicole!! Thank you God for your provision in Your perfect time! You said you would make a way and YOU DID!!

bomba said...

I bet you could drive a truck and tow your car. I remember driving a big truck back from TX helping Jennifer move. I didn't tow my car; she followed behind me. I should have though, but the rental place was being a big you know what.

ANYways! Happy Packing.

Rachel said...

Hi Nicole! I'm excited for you. It feels like we haven't talked in so long! You've probably been busy and ... I've been super busy working on my presentation for my support trip. But praise God, it's really coming along now. :o) Maybe we can talk sometime this weekend or somethin'! :o)