Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Good Day!

Today was a good day. That is good to say since my week seemed so bad. I had lunch with my friend, Kesshia, who let me rant and rave about what's going on at work. I felt so bad because all I did was talk about me. She didn't talk about herself hardly at all. So, I apoligized to her and she told me she completely understood, I just needed someone to talk to. Then we said good-bye. She teaches every Saturday here in P'Cola, so hopefully we can get together again soon.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon on the phone. I talked to my grandmother...and let me just say it has been a complete blessing to be back here and be able to spend some time with my grandmother. I lived with her for four years while I was going to school in Mobile and while I was working at my first job. And last year, she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. I am happy to say she is in remission now...but I hated every minute I was in HUntsville when I knew she needed me here. So to be able to spend time with her since I have been here has been priceless...

I also talked to my mom and my friend, Niecie. Rachel called but said she was in a hurry so she would call back later tonight. I am now doing laundry and I am about to watch a movie I rented. So, things have been nice today. I quit taking things out of boxes...until I know what's going to happen at work, so it was nice not to have to unpack this weekend (I have been unpacking every weekend since I arrived).

I am going back to Brownsville Assembly of God tomorrow. I hope that I enjoy it as much as I did the first time. There was such a sweet spirit there last week. I am looking forward to that tomorrow. Then I will get back in the bed early afternoon so I can be at work at 10pm tomorrow night. But I am only working a four day workweek next week. I am so happy about that. I need a break.

So, today, I don't have one thing to complain about. It's nice to just be able to relax.

I have been following the blog (smilingatgod) of the little girl I told you about in an earlier post. I am so happy to say she is doing well. Her PT is coming along great. I am so happy to hear that. You know how you meet someone and sometimes you immediately fall in love with that person. Well, that's the way I felt about Sarah Kate. She is so special. Her personality makes you forget she has a handicap and when I met her, I just wanted to take her home with me. I loved her immediately. So, to hear she is doing well just makes me smile. Check her blog out if you haven't already and get to know this little miracle. And if you ever come to my home, ask me to show you the story I did on her when I worked in Huntsville. SHe is an amazing little angel.

I was reading my friend, Rachel's, blog the other day and she was talking about the little things in life...and it reminded me that I needed to recognize the little things that I needed to be thankful for more often. I have forgotten to do that lately. SO, thank you, Rachel, for just being you. I named my blog summer rain because of one of those little things...I love the smell of a summer rain (see my first post). So, I am going to try and be thankful for at least one little thing everyday. Today I am thankful for small text messages that come from friends...just to say "Have a good day". It makes me realize there are people in this world that love me. I am not alone. I am also thankful for weekends...time to recharge so you can start all over the next week...and I am thankful I have a job. I know I have been complaining about it a lot lately, but I am thankful I am able to support myself...I have the money for gas in my car and a roof over my head...and food in my belly...and I am never late on my bills. Yes, these are all blessings that I am grateful, even if I don't say it often.

So, for those of you who faithfully read my's not going to be a complain fest all the time anymore. I am going to try and do better. JUst pray for me that God will show me more things to be thankful about . I know I need to do better. And I know GOd will help me with that.

For now, "Jesus, Take the Wheel" still plays over and over in my head...reminding me that I'm not in charge, He is. So, I am trusting Him that He knows what's best for me. In the meantime, I am going to try and enjoy things a bit more...and not let work stress me out so much. It's only a life should be much more than that. So, I am going to try and start establishing who I am other than what I do. BEcause right now, if you were to ask me about myself...everything I would say would be about work and I hate that about myself. So, I need to find myself outside of work. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but I am going to try. But until I get settled either here or somewhere else, it's hard to think of anything but work. I will do my best.


Rachel said...

so glad you had a good day. it was fun chattin' with you ... and espeically all our fun laughs as we went to Wal-mart and the gas station and the movie store. Okay, so I know you weren't literally "with" me but it sure FELT like we were both there even though you're 12ish hours away. Hope you have a good week!
Rach :o)

jamleah said...

I love that song, "Jesus Take The Wheel!" Sounds like God is giving you peace. That's awesome. Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details. This is a pet peeve one!