Saturday, January 07, 2006

Re: Visit from an Old Friend

Yesterday's visit was great! Alex got here a bit late...well, a lot late...he was an hour later than he said he would be here and I had two thoughts...he either stood me up...which he's never done, so I didn't think that was a possibility...or that he had had a car accident. So, I was worried sick, but he finally got here and it ended up being a great visit, even thoguh it got started off on the wrong foot. (he no longer has a cell phone where he could call and let me know he was late). We went to Monterey's Mexican restaurant...which is really good if you are ever in P'cola. Then I had a meeting at we had to stop our visit for a short time. But he agreed to wait on me...and luckily the meeting was only about 10-15 minutes. after that, he was runnung late all since the next person he was supposed to see couldn't get together late, he stayed a bit longer with me...and we decided to go to the beach. That's the good thing about living 15-20 minutes from the beach. It was cold and windy, but we managed to enjoy ourselves. We walked a while...just talking and then we sat on the cold sand and talked a while. Once we couldn't stand the wind and cold anymore, we got back in the car and left. We laughed because our hair got all messed up. He has curly, long hair and well, mine is just long...and it was quite the sight. But Alex and I have known each other for 6 years, so we didn't care. I gave him a hard time because he was making such a big deal out of his hair...just like a girl. :) love ya, Alex!

He left here and went to Mobile to finish his visit before heading back to canada. The whole gang from college is getting together tonight and he invited me to come over. So, I am probably going to head over to Alabama( it's only an hour away) and go see the rest of the gang. Gosh, I haven't seen them in years! You know, I never thought I would be back down here and able to enjoy my old friends' company...but I am loving every minute of it. It just goes to show you, friends can pick up right where they left off. I have found that out more than was like when I ran into Traci and Matt Tidmore in Huntsville. Traci and I just picked up and became friends again...even though we hadn't seen each other since we were teenagers.

I miss college..and high school for that matter. that's when life made sense. And the friends that I surrounded myself with were the best I could ever ask for...that's why I am so happy I am getting to see many of them again.

Well, if I am going to Mobile tonight, I need to get busy with cleaning and laundry and the like...

Have a great day everyone!

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jamleah said...

So glad you're back, girl!! It sounds like you have been busy. And you do sound so happy. I'll try to look at those pics soon!